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The main purpose of this blog is to show you step by step how to heal yourself and your feelings. Before we start the actual healing work I will provide you with some basic understandings of the dynamic between you, as a spiritual being with a conscious awareness, yang, and you, as a feeling being with a feeling awareness, yin. When I have given you these basic understandings, I will guide you through step by step how to heal yourself and your feelings.

Life is a feeling experience and consists of life dynamics. The life dynamic is created from an interaction between two energies, yin and yang. A life dynamic has two sides, a yin side and a yang side. You breathe in and you breathe out.
The basic cycle goes like this: You experience, and you think about your experience. The part of experience you can't accept, you push away. To push away is to disconnect from the experience and from a distance you begin to think about your experience.
The reason you pushed your experience away in the first place was that you couldn't accept the feeling of it. Your lack of understanding your own feelings, experience, forced your 'impulse of survival' to push away the part you couldn't rescue in the situation, and push it out of you.
To push a part of you away means that you place it outside of love. For instance you have an experience where you feel let down, but can't accept the feeling of being let down. To "solve" the problem you deny the part of your experience you can't accept.

In your upbringing you are asked over and over to push away anything that can't get acceptance. You push it away in order to get a feeling of acceptance. You push away what seems to be unacceptable and you embrace what seems to pay off. You learn to divide yourself and your personal world into two parts, a right and a wrong. And you learn to believe in this right and wrong as the actual truth.
Why would you, in the first place, choose to get rid of your feelings? Try to tell a child that what it feels is wrong to feel. What would this action cause the child to feel? The child would feel bad about having the feeling and would try to "solve" the problem by pushing this feeling away to avoid to feel bad about itself. Could the child have chosen to process the experience differently? In the theory YES but in reality NO.
In this example I use a child as a representation of your feelings (inner child). If we create an interaction between you on one side of the communication line and your feelings on the other side of the line, what message do you sent to your inner child, or a child, when saying that it is wrong to feel what it actually feels? What does the child desire from you? The inner child, your feelings, desire love from you. So what happens when the child, feelings, can't get from you what it desires? It senses you expectations, which means the form you want the child to take in order to get your love. Will the child try to match the form you expect it to appear in? Yes it will. Why? Because the child needs to feel accepted one way or the other. If it can't receive acceptance as it is, it will search for a form, in which to get acceptance. When you can't get unconditional love, you go for conditioned love. From a child's point of view life's basically about surviving. From a child’s perspective life's about avoiding feeling pain and about searching for ways to feel good, as well as it is for adults.

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